About Us
Eldem Attorneys at Law (the “Firm”) was founded in 1971 by Haluk Eldem. The Firm’s client portfolio grew and diversified significantly over a period of nearly 40 years since its inception. The Firm started as a local law firm and starting in the 80’s, added foreign investment and multinational deals to its experience. Over the years, the Firm focused on its core practice areas, such as commercial law, corporate law, contracts law, mergers & acquisitions, foreign investment, litigation, labour law, real property and intellectual property.  The Firm’s specific experience covers a wide variety of topics across the spectrum of private law.

The Firm’s team consists of twelve lawyers and a trainee lawyer, who bring together a unique blend of local and international expertise. Most of the Firm’s lawyers speak English. From time to time, the Firm also benefits from the expertise of its notable outside consultants.
Gümüşsuyu, İnönü Caddesi, Gümüşsu Palas Apt, No: 18/6, 34437, Taksim, İstanbul, Turkey | eldem@eldem.av.tr